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Remote Backup

When your data needs to be safe no matter what happens to your hardware or location, you need to consider offsite backup. Our automated offsite backup solutions are 100% secure and reliable.

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Managed Services

Let us be your IT management team. Our IT personnel has an average of 15 years experience therefore you won’t have a “rookie” working on your server. All of our management packages include Backup setup and verification, Firewall monitoring and implementation, Intrusion detection, Software updates, mail management and monitoring.

Custom quotes are available.
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Domain Registration

Illuminated Hosting takes the guess work out of domain registration! Our domain registration service is seamlessly integrated into our web hosting packages.

Starting at only $15/per year Illuminated Hosting will register and manage your domain name as part of our services. Don’t get caught up in the domain snatch and run game, allow us to handle everything.

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